13 Reasons Why Season 5- Few things that you need to know before watching the fifth season

13 Reasons Why Season 5 – 13 Reasons Why is one of the most-watched teen mystery drama. Despite being in so many controversies due to the violent content, it remained in the top place. After releasing four seasons, Netflix hasn’t renewed the show for the fifth season. Fans are disappointed and hoping to have season-5. However, it seems like season-4 is the last installment. But if Season-5 ever happens, here are some details about what happened previously.


13 reasons why season 3 revolved around the murder of Bryce Walker and everyone was a suspect. In the end, we learned that Alex committed the crime but blame being pointed towards Monty.


Season 4 started with students leaving high school and starting a new chapter in their life. Then we discovered that someone knows that Monty wasn’t the murderer after a graffiti on the high school’s wall. Clay started seeing the ghost of Monty and began to receive the mysterious calls saying that they know what he did to Monty. Later we found that it was the members of the football team who were messing with Clay. He started doing whatever they wanted him to do.
Winston, Monty’s lover also trying to find who framed him in the murder. The saddest thing that happened in this season was Justin’s death. In the end, we see group graduating and even though Sherrif discovered that Alex killed Bryce, he let him go and buried his dirt.

13 Reasons Why Season 5

13 Reasons Why Season 5 – Brief about the characters

Clay’s character was quite annoying in this season. But he suffered the most. It was sad that Jessica and Justin didn’t get a happy ending. In the starting, Justin was the one who was trying to bring his life together but everything fell apart.
One surprising thing we found in this season is that Alex is gay. Then comes Zack, he didn’t really play a big role in this season and the same goes with Ani. She was gone about half of the season.
Everyone was suspicious of Tyler being the one leaking the secret but he proved to be a true friend. Toni was always a loyal friend throughout the series and ended up getting a scholarship.
At last Winston, he wanted to know who dragged Monty. He didn’t get a happy ending as he was heartbroken because Alex left him.


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