3% Season 3 Recap: The Most Important Things To Know Before Watching Season 4

3% Season 3: It is a Brazilian dystopian thriller web television series developed by Predro Aguilera. The genre of the series includes Drama, Thriller, and Science fiction. It is based on the 2009 independent pilot episode and it is the first  Portuguese language Netflix series.


The series is the centre’s in an unspecified future where 20-year-old individuals of the very poor and weak “Inland” get a single opportunity to complete “The Process” and strengthen themselves, while the “Offshore” consists of wealthy people. Most of the candidates fail to survive and get eliminated, only 3% of them succeed.


The first season was premiered on Netflix on November 25, 2016, and in December 2016  It got renewed for a second season by Netflix. The second season was premiered on April 27, 2018. In June 2019, the third season got released and in August 2019 it was officially announced that the series been renewed for the fourth season which would also be the final season. Season 4 is set to release on August 14, 2020, on Netflix.

 3% Season 3

Recap of 3% Seaso

The last season of 3% didn’t focus on the Inland or the Offshore. It was more focused on Shell. Michele finally accomplishes her dream of creating a Utopia which is neutral and away from any disparity of rich and poor. That dream costs her life. Eventually, the citizens get the option of middle ground. Individuals who failed, “The Process” get permitted to live in the middle-class Shell.

After, some time Shell was resurrected and had only energy and food supply with a house. The new leaders of Shell had to make a decision regarding, who will go back in the poverty of Inland and who will stay to build the Utopia. Otavio is not able to accept his failure and he kills himself.

In the final episode of 3% Season 3, it is revealed that who tries to disturb Utopia by cutting the power supply. Rafael is found guilty but he confesses he did it only because he was forced to do so as he was under the control of the head of the Process Marcela.
When the population learns about this truth, they turn against the Division.

3% Season 3 ended, when the citizens of the Shell determine their goal of taking out the Offshore army completely. They decide to destroy the Offshore army with the use of an electromagnetic pulse.

In Season 4, we will get to see, whether their attack succeeds and they get independence from Offshore or they fail.

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