365 Days 2: When is the sequel coming? More Updates!

365 days

365 Days 2: There is going to be a second part of the film – 365 Days. It’s great news for the fans and audiences since they will be getting to watch the sequel of the film.



Release date – 7th February 2020 (POLAND)


7th JUNE 2020 (Netflix)

It is a Polish erotic romantic drama film which was directed by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes.

The cast includes the following

Anna-Maria Sieklucka , Michele Morrone, Bronislaw Wroclawski.


In this film, Massimo is shown as the member is the Silicon Mafia family and Laura as a sales director. It was totally unexpected for the latter that she would be kidnapped by the former.

She was kidnapped by Massimo while on a trip to Sicily because he wanted her to fall in love with him. Psycho enough?

He imprisons her and gives her a year to fall in love with him.

So, as a whole, the plot follows a woman in a spiritless relationship falling for a dominant man.


When it began streaming on Netflix in June, viewers couldn’t get enough of the plot hole.

The film received negative reviews too from critics because they were criticized for the sexual violence that was shown in this film.

There had also been news telling about how the directors and cast of the movie defended the same by saying- None of these is happening for real.


So, the news and reports say that there will be a sequel to this film.

As on Tuesday, the cast member, Michele Morrone, confirmed the sequel and that he will be returning as Massimo.

It was due to the coronavirus pandemic that the production on the sequel had been delayed for a long time.


About The Release Date

Unfortunately, the release date is not soon to come. Reports suggest that the work was supposed to start from August but it got postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an Instagram Q&A, Sieklucka said that they were not able to go abroad due to the pandemic. So he advised people to be patient and wait. As it’s release is said to be probably next year, he also informs that he himself doesn’t know when they will be able to begin.

So, the future is still unknown because of the coronavirus.

Also, this film would be first streaming in Poland so for Netflix users, there is still a long way to go. Maybe in 2022 too, but hopefully, 2021.

Stay patient and until then embrace the prequel.

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