365 Days: Michele Morrone Answers To Haters! Plus Sequel Updates

365 Days is a polish amorous romantic film which was based on Blanka Lipińska’s Novel Trilogy 365 Dni. It received a TV-MA rating on  Netflix
Despite bad reviews and backlashes from the critics, it’s still earned its place among the Netflix Top-10 most-watched films especially in the month of June.
The polish film was also compared with the Fifty Shades Of Grey Film due to its adult erotic scenes.


Michele Morrone Perfectly Replied The Haters

The film’s due to its adult scenes had faced a petition from many audiences who wants Netflix to remove it from its platform.
Also, the film’s faced a lot of questions claiming the intimate scenes to be real
But the protagonist of the film Michele Morrone perfectly answered the gossips going on on his relationship and the role with her co-star Anna
In an interview, he was seen laughing and asking the reporter whether it really seen to be real. He further stated that the scenes were not real, and it’s just a matter of the good actions which they had, And they just did their part the way the film asked them to. He also said that he isn’t surprised and this question doesn’t seem realistic to him as many of his friends and people who he knew were also asking the same question.


365 Days 2

365 days is all set to come back again on Netflix, The second part will be picking up from where the first film has ended on cliffhangers of Laura seen to be disappeared After her life is shown to be in jeopardy The film was based on the trilogy and there is two more books Ten dzień and Kolenje 365 DNI which probably follow the second film


365 days- About Film

The film begins with the leader of the crime family Massimo Torricelli who falls in love with a girl whom he saw on the beach.
The girl is Laura who is upset with her drained relationship with his boyfriend Martin
Later on, she gets kidnapped by Massimo who keeps her with a promise of not touching her until she falls in love with him.  Laura afterwhile falls in love with him and they both are about to get married in between. Laura gets the news of his pregnancy but her life was at risk, she later disappeared in her way of going for the wedding.

364 Days 2 – Cast

The sequel will follow the same cast
Michele Morrone in the lead as  Massimo Torricelli
Anna-Maria Sieklucka saw as Laura Biel
Bronisław Wrocławski  in the role as Mario
Otar Saralidze saw as Domenico

365 Days Release Date

The release of the film is not yet confirmed as the production isn’t completed due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

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