5 Harry Potter Theories That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind!

Well, there are many mind-boggling theories about Harry Potter. You might have heard of some including that J.k. Rowling is Rita Skeeter, Dumbledore is dead and  Harry is a Horcrux.


Severus Snape is still Alive

We know that Snape’s heroism is always a part of a debate. Just because his true love married the school jock made him a bad boy or he is a wretched anti-hero. So what is the above-mentioned theory all about?


 According to this theory, since the corpse of Snape was not mentioned anywhere, it is believed that he did not die at the end of Deathly Hallows. Further, when Harry used the resurrection stone, he was not there. In addition, he should not use anti-venom being a Potions Professor.

This theory says that Snape was only paralyzed. Once he fulfilled the promises of Dumbledore and Lily, he was living his own adventures.

Draco Malfoy is a werewolf

In Half-blood Prince, we saw that Fenrir Greyback was ordered to bite Draco. He was looking sick and his behavior also seemed stressed. According to the theory, Draco is not a death eater. Further, there was no big mark on his arm at the site of the bite. But now the question is if he is a bit a death eater then who is he? also what was there on his arm that frightened Borgin? Also, the order to bute was given by Voldemort to retrieve his prophecy. But how can he punish the one who compromised Tom Riddle’s diary as well as lost the prophecy?

Harry Potter Theories

Voldemort was a cannibal

Well, we know that Voldemort did not perform the complete rituals to make Harry a Horcrux. Hence we can deduce that Harry is not a Horcrux. But another fact is that J.k rowling never revealed the complete process to create Horcrux. So according to this theory, In order to make a Horcrux, the flesh and blood of the victim should be consumed. Cannibalism has always been associated with gaining strength and power from dead individuals. And this is why Voldemort ‘s murder ripped his soul to many pieces.

In the war between Muggles and Wizards, Muggles won

Wizards have many powers then why do they have a hiding place? This is what the theory explains. According to this theory, the words Avada kedavra was heard by Muggles several times. And the phrase is now called Abracadabra. Since the Muggles won the war, now they control the wizarding world. And that too secretly.

Dumbledore= Death

In the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, we saw a tale of three brothers. Voldemort as the first brother wants power, Snape as the second brother wants his lost love, and Harry as the third brother wants to escape death.


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