.A discovery of witches season 2 how matthew helps diana to save the book

A discovery of witches season 2  – All the channels have that one show which makes it famous and all the shows have the one channel which it favours. The same can be seen in the case of the show A discovery of witches. The show is featured on the channel Sky One and has been drawing approximately 2 million viewers. The famous show, after all the favourism it has got has been renewed for its third season. The show is based on  the Deborah Harness’ All  Souls Trilogy. Each of the seasons are based on each of the books in the trilogy.


Here is everything you need to know about the show.


According to the channel the show is to release somewhere in this year. The date is not made official yet. The shooting of the show started earlier this year.

The protagonist of the show delivered her baby this year and shared some strange conversations she had -“It’s funny how the fans reacted after my pregnancy. They were all like, what about A discovery of witches season 2?!?

 discovery of witches season 2

But I told them, fear not! It’s still happening!”

This time there has been a change in the setting of the show as well with show shifting from shooting in Wales to Gloucester Cathedral.

Audience loves the chemistry between Mathew and Diana and this is for not changing for the upcoming series. Apart from them Sarah Bishop, Emily Mather, Nathaniel Wilson, and Sophie Norman are all confirmed for A discovery of witches season 2.

Not from the makers side but the channel had provided some hints on the plot of the season. Diana and Mathew are hiding in the Elizabethan England . The couple will help Diana control her magic and will her find her Book Of Life.

Along with the couple Diana’s beloved aunts Sarah and Em must take shelter with the witch hunter Ysabeau de Clermont at her ancestral home, Sept-Tours.

Back in Oxford also everyone is taking necessary steps to protect Nathaneil and Sophie as their pregnancy is advancing.

It is expected that thing are only to get more dramatic and dangerous in season 2 of the show ,  we can’t wait to watch the season 2 to see for ourselves that what the story has got for us.


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