A Forgotten Movie ‘Acts of Violence’ by Bruce Willis becomes one of the Netflix’s Most-Watched Films

Long long ago, not literally, Bruce Willis was one of the superstars of the industry. He got so many projects during his time that he had to refuse many, or the developers had to adjust their dates according to his dates. Now, this 65-year-old star is not in the limelight anymore! He is definitely a known star, but sadly not among the “Z-Generation”.




Recently one of his movies was released on Netflix. Acts of Violence was initially released in 2018 and showed up on Netflix on August 1. For some reason, it made to the top watched movies on Netflix and viewers actually liked it. Many sites describe the movie as the most embarrassing movie in Bruce Will’s career, and after the movie made it to Top 10 must-watch movies on Netflix, these critics find it hard to let that fact sink in.


The “horrible” movie, Acts of Violence is an action thriller movie directed by Brett Donowho and written by Nicolas Aaron Mezzanatto. The story plot is twisty, or we can even refer to it as “ugly, creepy, and a cheesy” plot, according to the critics. That doesn’t sound good obviously!



  • Bruce Willis as Detective James Avery
  • Cole Hauser as Deklan MacGregor
  • Shawn Ashmore as Brandon MacGregor
  • Ashton Holmes as Roman MacGregor
  • Melissa Bolona as Mia
  • Sean Brosnan as Vince
  • Sophia Bush as Detective Brooke Baker
  • Mike Epps as Max Livington
  • Tiffany Brouwer as Jessa MacGregor
  • Jenna B. Kelly as Haley
  • Patrick St. Esprit as Hemland
  • Rotimi as Frank
  • Matthew T. Metzler as Richard
  • Kyle Stefanski as Davis
  • Boyd Kestner as Stevens


MacGregor brothers are on a mission to solve the case of the younger brother’s fiancée, who is kidnapped by human traffickers. The brothers include a crime lord, an incorruptible cop and they call on their military training to save her life. Later more characters join to support them in their fight and they all fight against wrongs!

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