A Teacher Season 2 what To Expect ?

A Teacher is an American miniseries which is created by Hannah Fidell. The series is based on Hannah’s movie of same name. It stars Nick Robinson and Kate Mara. The productions handled by FX. The series completed its shooting in October 2019. But it premiered on a steaming service FX on Hulu on 10th November 2020. There were 10 episodes in total. And in the beginning when it was being made Kate Mara mentioned that it will be a miniseries that will only going to have 10 episodes. Here are all the updates of A Teacher Season 2.


Will there be Season 2 of A Teacher?

The miniseries ended on an open note with a ten year flashforward. They left the characters with an unresolved relatioship and left fans to think that if the story could be more in future. On the wrap Mara stated her wishes that the show could be more. But stating that it was a one and done show.


It consists of 10 episodes only and it contains sexual assault scenes and related to that. A Teacher ends with Eric saying to Claire that they both have to live with what happened for the rest of their lives. While that does leave room for a potential second season, it could also be the only honest way to end the series for good.

A Teacher Season 2

Cast Members

Here is the fixed cast of A Teacher:

  • Kate Mara as Claire Wilson
  • Ashley Zukerman as Matt Mitchell
  • Nick Robinson as Eric Walker
  • Dylan Schmid as Josh Smith
  • Adam David Thompson as Nate Wilson
  • Shane Harper as Logan Davis
  • Marielle Scott as Kathryn Sanders
  • Jana Peck as Victoria Davis
  • Rya Ingrid Kihlstedt as Sandy Walker
  • Charlie Zeltzer as Phil Walker
  • M. C. Gainey as Wyatt Wilson
  • Cameron Moulène as Cody
  • Camila Perez as Alison Martinez
  • Ciara Quinn Bravo as Mary Smith


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