A video of the octogenarian couple becomes viral. Delhi joins hands to support them.

Delhi – A video of an old street-side food vendor is making rounds over the Internet. The video was shot on 7 October and was released originally on a Facebook page titled Swad Official.


The video shows an elderly couple of about 80 years of age in tears due to losses brought by the pandemic. The couple sells food in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. The name of their stall is Baba Ka Dhaba.


Story of local and honest business affected by COVID pandemic:

The video of their plight is becoming viral and is touching netizens to their core. The man named Kanta Prasad tells in the video that he has been running the food stall since 1988. He tells humbly that they sell dal chawal sabji. The old man says that even 750 gm rice, 500 gm lentils, fresh potato curry, soya bean and matar paneer are left unsold even after a full day’s work. The videographer asked about his earnings. And after that, he opened a drawer and showed few ten and twenty rupee notes.

Delhi Baba Ka Dhaba
Delhi -Baba Ka Dhaba

At the end of the video, the videographer appeals to everyone to support the struggling couple and the clip finally ends.

Now hundreds of people are waiting at Baba Ka Dhaba to be fed:

The video went viral on various social media platforms within no time and a ray of hope and happiness was brought for Kanta and his wife the next day on 8 October. The video captured the attention of citizens of Delhi and as it spread across twitter, Ravichandran Aswin, the Indian cricketer commented and asked how he could help them. Further, The video got the attention of many famous personalities. Now, before and after photos of Kanta are spreading on the internet.


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