A Whisker Away Film will have limited theatrical screenings after COVID-19 delay

A Whisker Away delay

Studio Colorido has announced that the anime film A Whisker Away is scheduled to launch in limited theatres all over Japan. The movie was originally slated to release in June in Japan but had to be pushed back due to pandemic.


The movie then had a worldwide release on Netflix on June 18.


As theatres are opening worldwide according to the number of cases in that particular region. The makers of A Whisker Away have decided to release the films in theatres even though it is already available on Netflix.

The film will have limited theatrical screenings at Aeon Cinema Tokoname in Aichi on October 2, Denmachiza Koyoto in Koyoto on October 9, and Tollywood Shimokitazawa in Tokyo on October 31.

Plot of A Whisker Away

 The plot revolves around a schoolgirl named Miyo or Muge (Miss Ultra Gaga and Enigmatic). She falls in love with her fellow classmate named Kento Hinode, who hardly seems to take any notice of her. But, this fact doesn’t bother Miyo; she is determined to win him over. She wants to be near him all the time. So, she transforms herself into cat by wearing a cat mask that she received at the beginning of the film and watch Kento. Later, however, she finds it difficult to transform back into her human form.

A Whisker Away

Directed by Juinchi Sato and Tomotako Shibayama, this film is whimsy and also mythological. It narrates Miyo’s infatuation in a beautiful and charming way. Although it might look like Miyo is stalking Kento (and she of course is), the movie actually criticise this part. The movie has a high rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Cast of A Whisker Away

The cast for the Japanese language

Mirai Shida as Miyo Sasuki

Natsuki Hanae as Kento Hinode (voice)

The cast for the English Language

Johnny Yong Bosch as Kento Hinode (voice)

Cherami Leigh as Miyo Sasuki


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