Adam Driver Net Worth: How rich is he?

Adam Driver

Adam Driver is perhaps one of the most celebrated actors of our generation. He has acted in some of the most applauded movies. His recent movie also managed to get a lot of attention, hence we thought that this is the perfect time to talk about this perfect actor. So, read on more to find out about him.


Now, before we get on to his net worth, let us try to find out more about his life.


Adam Driver: Early Life

Adam was born in San Diego, California in the year 1983. He had always wanted to go to drama school so he applied to Julliard. But, he was not accepted. His mother was a paralegal. Right after the September 11 attacks happened in America, he enlisted to United States Marine Corps.

He ended up breaking his sternum while mountain biking. This was right before his unit was shipped to Iraq. Adam ended up getting medically discharged and was let go at the rank of Lance Corporal.

Mr. Driver has been really open about his life, he said that he was always a misfit in his group. He was always setting things on fire and getting in trouble. The man also ended up making Fight Club with his friends, which got inspired from the Fincher’s masterpiece Fight Club.

Adam Driver: Net Worth

Adam has worked with some of the best directors of all time. He has also managed to star in some of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time. His recent movie Annette premiered at Cannes Film Festival. It got a lot of praise at the festival.

Adam Driver had also received a lot of praise for his work in 2019 when Marriage Story came out which was directed by Noah Baumbach. As of 2021, Adam Driver has a net worth of about $16 million.