African History Y: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and much more!

African History Y release

Tony Kaye the director of American History X is thinking about another masterpiece, African History Y. The project is under development and soon will be out


Release Date

As for the release date, no confirmed date has been given yet but sources have confirmed that the movie is under development and it will be out soon. So you can expect it in 2021 or 2022. American History Y was released in 1998 and after so many years Tony Kaye decided to make another terrific movie like before. The only will going to be that earlier was on tragic stories of America and this time it will on tragic stories of Africa.



For the cast, Djimon Hounsou will be in the main lead as per the sources. Deadline commenting that Djimon is all set to star for Tony Kaye’s African History Y.  Tony said He met Djimon just after completing American History X. And He immediately understood that he is the actor he has to work with. And thank god we have a project on which we will be working on together.

Djimon mentioned that African History Y could not come on a better time, As I want to explore more towards African stories. I am extremely excited to work with Tony Kaye on African history Y.

No other cast has been confirmed yet.

African History Y


For the Plot, no one disclosed much. But it will be written by Jason Corder, Charles Chanchori, and Tony Kaye. It will be the story of tragedy and redemption.

Kaye wanted to take his name of the project. He also took out expensive ads in the Hollywood press condemning both Norton and the studio. The entire event branded Kaye a difficult filmmaker, and after American History X came out in 1998, Kaye did not direct again until the 2006 abortion documentary Lake of Fire.


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