After ‘The Cannes Film Festival’ being canceled ‘ 2020 Special Cannes’ to be held in October

The Cannes Film Festival canceled

For all those who were or excited about the Cannes Film Festival and saddened by the fact of its cancellation, there is some good news on the plate!


There is a special event that will be happening in place of the absence of Cannes Film Festival.


Read below to know every detail and information regarding the same.


The Cannes Film Festival was known by another name, International Film Festival until 2003. This annual film festival held in Cannes, France. It is said to preview new films of all genres and includes documentaries from around the world.

So it is considered as one of the really reputed and renowned festivals.

The festival was founded in 1946 which is 76 years ago from now.

It happened because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that many big festivals and events were put to a full stop. That is what exactly happened with this one too. But, to the good news we have a special event happening for the same.

The Cannes Film Festival

ABOUT THE “2020 Special Cannes”

As mentioned earlier that the physical event was cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. But to the good side, we will be having a 2020 Special Cannes Festival because of the same.

This occurred on Monday, that the organizers unveiled the exceptional event which is to be organized in collaboration with the Cannes City Council.

The extraordinary ‘2020 Special Cannes’ will be inviting the general public to the Louis Lumiere auditorium of the Palais des Festivals. There will be four previews of the films from the official selection of 2020. With that, there will also be the short films and school films selected for the competition, that will be screened.

A jury which is yet to be announced will award the Palme d’Or for short films and the Cinefondation prizes.

When will the Cannes Festival be held?

The extraordinary and exceptional event is said to be held at the Palais des Festival from October 27th to October 29th (end of October).

Stay tuned for all the information and details related to the same.


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