Aggretsuko Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, and much more!

Aggretsuko Season 4

Aggretsuko Season 4: The hilarious anime series Aggretsuko’s season four has it all. It has music, comedy and is just better than the previous seasons of the show. The anime is available on one of the most biggest streaming networks, Netflix. The Japanese anime is not only cute and funny but it also gives a hidden message to all of its audience.



The anime TV show follows the storyline of a female panda, Retsuko who wants to do something different as she is bored with her regular job. The twenty-five year old panda follows a same routine every day, in which she goes to a karaoke every night. After this tiresome days, she decides to get married without realizing that it will bring nore problems to her life.


CAST OF Aggretsuko Season 4

Japanese voice actors and English voice actors are different for the show. Kaolip has given his voice to Retsuko in the Japanese version and Eric Mendez in the English dub. Katelyn Gault has voice the English dub of Fenneko and Rina Inoue has given Japanese voice to the character in the series.


RELEASE DATE – Aggretsuko Season 4

The first season of the anime premiered two years ago in 2018 on twenty April. The second season aired just a year later in 2019 on fourteen June. And the release of the third season is very latest as it aired on twenty seven August of this year, 2020.

The fourth run of the comedy show will release most probably till next year as no official date has been revealed as of now by the creators of the series. Rarecho, the director of the fourth run has not given any updates too.

The animals in the series have been given features like that of a human so that the audience can relate to the anime more and this has made it more funny.


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