Aggretsuku season 3-When it’s going to release?What it’s plot?What’s in upcoming season?Who are the characters?-Know everything here!!

Aggretsuku Season-3

Aggretsuku has brought about laughter to so many people for around 25 years. It’s an Japanese web series aired on Netflix. This comedy movie shows the emotions of Retsuko.

All you first know about aggretsuku!! 

Aggretsuku or Retsuko has a sort of midlife crisis and is crushed by her own anxieties. So her problems in life are to deal with her terrifying boss at the office, listen to her assertive mother, full lack of social life. Are you excited for the upcoming season 3? So, get ready to enjoy your comedy genre series once again!


When it’s going to release? 

We know how eagerly the fans of anime are waiting for the next upcoming season to release. Recently, Netflix announced that Aggretsuku season 3 is shortly to arrive on our screen, but the exact release date hasn’t been given yet. No doubt that how much the fans are curious to watch it.


What it’s plot??

Retsuko is a 25-year old red panda who works in her dream company’s accounting department. But it turns out that she is forced to keep doing more and more impossible tasks by her superiors and co-workers. She doesn’t talk back to them, but she still has to let off steam, so she ends up by singing death metal at a karaoke bar.


What’s in upcoming season? 

For the fans who are waiting for upcoming season 3, it shows how Retsuko manages to deal with her co-workers and others. Also we saw in last season that Tadano has crush on Retsuko. So Tadano and Retsuko’s love may bring a love story to evolve for the upcoming season.

Here, the characters of aggretsuku:

  • Retsuko- A 25-year-old red panda
  • Director Ton- The domestic pig director
  • Fenneko- Retsuko’s fennec fox co-worker and closest friend in the office
  • Haida- Retsuko’s mild-mannered Spotted Hyenaco-worker, who develops a crush on Retsuko after five years together as friends
  • Director Gori – A gorilla lady who works at Retsuko’s company
  • Ms. Washimi- A secretary bird who works as the secretary to the company’s president
  • Tsunoda- A perky dik-dik coworker of Retsuko
  • Komiya- Ton’s meerkat right-hand subordinate
  • Tsubone- A Komodo dragon
  • Kabae -Retsuko’s hippo chatty coworker
  • Retsuko’s mother- Retsuko’s overbearing red panda mother, who is currently unnamed.

Season 3 of Aggretsuko might be offering something different and show a completely new adventure that Retsuko embarks upon


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