AJ and the Queen Season 2 – What Happened In The Previous Season? How Will The Story Continue? Find Out Every Detail Here!!

AJ and the Queen :

is a comedy-drama series that is created by RuPaul and Michael Patrick King. The first season premiered on January 10, 2020, on Netflix. But is the show AJ and the Queen been canceled or renewed for a second season on Netflix?


Here’s everything we know so far about AJ and the Queen Season 2 and the possibility of being revived.


What is AJ and the Queen all about?

The Netflix Original follows Ruby Red who is a bigger-than-life but down-on-her-luck drag queen. She travels with her unlikely sidekick AJ across America, from club to club in a rundown 1990s R/V. AJ is an orphaned, tough-talking, and scrappy 11- year old.

These two misfits – one being tall and one is short, travel to spread the message of love and acceptance. They touch many people in their journey, changing their lives for the better.


When will AJ and the Queen Season 2 release on Netflix?

The first season debuted in January this year, which ended on a dramatic cliffhanger. But unfortunately, there is sad news coming for the fans. The show has been canceled by Netflix in March this year. But could it be revived someday?


Netflix usually takes into account the production costs and the viewership numbers before renewing a series. So it can take a chance on the series if it believes that the stories need telling. So the hope shouldn’t be lost. But for now, we can only wait and watch the first season.

How will the story continue in AJ and the Queen Season 2?


The first season of AJ and the Queen ended with AJ being reunited with her drug-addict mother Brianna. Robert had realized that she wants to adopt AJ and Louis aka Cocoa Butter had been crowned the first alternative for Miss Drag USA.

Robert’s financial problems and worries were somewhat rectified in the end. But his story is nowhere finished. Most of the character’s storylines were left up in the air as season 1 ended.

So season 2 could delve more into Robert’s journey to reunite with AJ. We can also see more of the drag queens in season 2, who did a cameo in season 1. But it remains to be seen whether the viewers will get to watch these storylines reaching a conclusion or not.

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