Aladdin 2:When will the sequel movie release? Know More!

Aladdin 2

Aladdin 2: Aladdin, the film about the kind thief won everyone’s heart in 2019 and it has been officially announced that the Disney movie is all set for a sequel. Guy Ritchie directed the movie and is a little different from the 1992 Aladdin movie. Will Smith plays the role of the genie in this movie.



The 2019 version of the Walt Disney production movie is very similar to the animated version of Aladdin which released in 1992. The end of the movie is funny and clever as Jafar gets trapped in the magic lamp with his parrot after he desires to become a genie.


Aladdin 2:  The Return Of Jafar as the name suggests will follow the storyline of how Jafar will take revenge. This will be an original plot and will not follow the story of the early sequel released by the name name.

no more details have been provided regarding the sequel of the movie. The Walt Disney production confirmed in February of this year, 2020 that the sequel is confirmed.




Although the release of the movie is confirmed, we will not be able to watch the movie soon as Disney has a fairly tight schedule till 2027. The production company is releasing many other live animation movies that have been loved by the fans.

Aladdin which released on twenty-four May in the last year, 2019 earned more than ten crores and was a high grossing hit Disney movie. Mena Massoud plays the role of Aladdin, the main character of the movie, and his love interest Jasmine who is a princess is played by Naomi Scott. Everybody loved Will Smith in the role of the genie as he was a great choice for it. Marwan Kenzari plays the evil Jafar in the movie and it is expected that the same cast may return for the sequel too.

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