Alien 7 Should Revisit the Original Villain’s Cut Motivation and More Information

Alien 7 should revisit the ingenious concept that Ash the android preferred Weyland-Yutani over his crewmates as revealed before in the movie Alien.


The original Alien movie was released in 1979 and went on to become a massive hit gaining the likes and appreciation of the audiences as well as the critics. It was a combination of science fiction and alarms with the horror tale revolving around the imaginative haunted house in space. This prompted the director, Ridley Scott, to be trusted with the goal-oriented sci-fi thriller Blade Runner.


The franchise’s initial feature required an interesting background to succeed as Alien 3’s return to pure horror was demonstrated. Luckily, Scott’s original film delivered one in the form of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. There was more to the horrifying space story than just the fear. Perhaps, the concise and powerful horror essence of Alien was crucial for the triumph of the film.

Ash suffers distrust by Alien 7 cast

The cast of the original Alien is a fairly polite lot, but none of them completely trusts Ash from the start. This is subsequently demonstrated in a deleted scene, where Ash argues, as no one believes the Android is acting for his goods, that the rest of the crew would bring him back online to combat the beast.

It’s a reasonable option, with the group of people joining together and choosing to trust each other over a machine. But it certainly raises questions about why the protagonists in subsequent Alien prequels, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, are so trusting in comparison to their counterparts.

David gains excessive confidence in Prometheus/Alien Covenant’s Cast

Androids appear to have trust in the cast of Alien prequels as a rule without realizing that the company values its interest more in the film. Be it Prometheus’ Shaw frequently getting tricked and killed by David or be it the savage dull ending of Alien: Covenant with its heroine trusting Walter (David) and putting the lives of the survivors in danger.

The relationship of the cast and crew with the Weyland-Yutani Corporation itself is another reason that the trust gap between David and Ash occurred.

Theory of setting androids against humans

Setting up androids against humans is a wonderful narrative creating anxiety, which can cause stress even before the titular animal comes and prevent the crew from escaping any tense creatures thereafter. The original Alien was simple to scare Ripley, as the viewers had not got a chance to see a Xenomorph before, while the first succession just required to increase the number of creatures to enhance its degree of threats.

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