All about The Dragon Prince season -3

The Dragon Prince is an American – Canadian animated web series. It comes under fantasy, adventure, action, comedy, and drama genre. It is directed by Villads Spangsberg and Giancarlo Volpe.
It currently has three-season and a fourth one is expected soon to release.


What excites the fans more!


After the big bind up of season two, fans were very curious regarding things like More dragons! An evil(?) sparkly elf man! and many more. Finally, The Dragon Price season three released on 22, November 2019. Along with the perfect storyline and characters, fans got amused with every brilliant posters coming out.

Anything new with the characters and storyline?

The Dragon Prince season 3 – How can you not expect TDP to give their audience something new with every other season? Rayla and Callum journey across Xadia do bring Xym home, Soren and Claudia returning to Katolis and seeing their father Viren who is in jail after listening to Aaravos, Ezran learning to be a king and much more!
Almost every character got one scene. People will find some character bit tricky. The thing which is undeniable is that the characters have the best designs from any other animated shows.

Dragon Prince

Many new relationships evolve in this season with a special focus on Rayla and Callum. And how can we forget about the dragons, they definitely have amazing design. This season gets really violent. This season may not be for very small children. It is amazing that this show isn’t afraid to take risks.

With beautiful characters and animation, the storyline gets deeper. Everything is more magical than they have been in previous seasons. Plus point with this season is that it wraps things fast, giving the audience what they actually need and exactly what the storyline deserves. Every twist and turns are lovable.


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