All Creatures Great and Small becomes channel 5’s biggest show in 5 years


All Creatures Great and Small: 3.3 million people watch this new veterinarian period drama show. All creatures great and small becomes the most significant show by this and by giving channel five biggest audiences in 5 years.


All the creators and producers of All Creatures Great And Small were very delightful and were really happy that the audience feels that connection with the show. And it captures the mood what the audience wanted.


There would be lots of animals you will see in this series, plenty of them, but none was harm while making the show. Not even that huge bull you will see in the 1st episode of the show which is the central character.

About all creatures great and small

It is based on a vet book James Herriot and also on the much love series of 1970 and 80s starring Christopher Timothy. The book is based on James Herriot’s life rural Yorkshire community in the 1930s.

The book, after some time, got premier as a movie in 1975, but in 1978, the BBC series got more attention and was successful according to the sources if we compare the series to the film. And till 1990, the series consisted of 90 episodes and was massively popular.

All Creatures Great and Small

What creators have to say about the show

Well, the creators and the producer of the show extremely happy that the audience can feel a connection with the performance of the show and can find an escape from the daily routine. The creators also said that extremely great things that the audience can find a way from escaping from the politics and the pandemic situation and can escape to the landscape of Yorkshire Dales.

Before the season 1 got premiered, Channel 5 has Commission for the season 2 of the show. On 8th Sept 2020, All Creatures Great And Small will screen. You can take a little break from the everyday stress that can enjoy the beautiful landscape and can enjoy a bit of our nature. To know more, stay tuned.

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