Almost Happy season 2 – Will original characters reprise their roles? Can we expect to see some new faces ?

Almost Happy Season 2: Netflix recently brought to us an amusing Argentine series, Almost Happy. The series has been Directed by Guerschuny and written by Sebastian Wainraich. The series focuses on the personal and professional life struggles of a radio show host.
The series has received a lot of compliments for its humourous content. Fans are falling for the comedy and the way the series create satire in everything. Ever since it has been released there have been questions from the audience about the renewal of second season.


Release date of Almost Happy season 2?
It’s quite early to decide anything about a sequel. The first season lf the series released this year that too in May which is very recent. Netflix takes its time to judge a series for a renewal after noticing public feedback.



If everything will be great and series receive goo reviews then ofcourse Netflix will bring its Not to forget the pandemic which has created a mess and all the shootings have been put on a hault. This might add to the delay for season 2 release date. The series if approved can premier in 2021.

Expected cast for Almost Happy season 2.
Sebastián Wainraich, Santiago Korovsky, Natalie Pérez, Adriana Aizemberg, Hugo Arana and Peto Menahem are predicted to be there in season 2 to entertain us.
There is no official news,So we’ll stick to our assumptions.
We can also spot some new faces in the season 2 to hold the attention of the viewers .

The season 2 might reveal more about the life of Sebastian and its issues after he gets separated from his wife. He is still stuck with his feelings for her. Even though his life is all perfect, he can’t seem to explore real joy. As Sebastian tries to make everything right it always ends up being more of a mess. The rib tickling series is all we need after a pandemic. We are eager to see what Season 2 has in for us.

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