Altered carbon season 3- can Yun Lee return as takeshi kovacs?

Altered Carbon Season-3

Altered carbon season 3 – Altered carbon is an American sci-fi series adapted from the novel written by Richard Morgan. This Netflix original cyberpunk series gives life to this dream- ‘Altered carbon’.


Can Yun Lee return as Takeshi Kovacs?

Kovaks would wear Mackie as a sleeve again, though it’s unlikely. The sleeve he portrayed was a cutting-edge military model, that now used by another character. The actor Yun Lee could still appear in a different role.


Yun Lee, shows his colours in the show’s final moments. Throughout the season, Kovacs was on the side of good. Earlier copy of Kovacs, protecting Quell in the fight and ultimately deciding to work for the Protectorate. Although the return of Takeshi Kovacs in a new look and role was exciting for watchers. The role played by Yun Lee, fans weren’t expecting the return of Takeshi Prime.

Netflix original – ALTERED CARBON second season will arrive this week. Fans are awaiting for it so badly. Recently, Will talked about whether the show would have him in third season or not.

Altered carbon season 3

What happened to Yun Lee (Kovaks)?? 

Some difficult situations were thrown on Yun Lee. In order to continue his journey, leaving him to deal with some of his past issues first.

Carrera (Colonel Ivan Carrera) releases a secret copy of Kovacs’ stack, in which Takeshi will seen in newly-built sleeve in the form of his original look.

This is really quite surprising news for viewers. Fans were not expecting the Kovacs clones to clash so much in the ensuing episodes.

Altered carbon season 3: Release date

Season one with ten episodes of Altered Carbon premiered in February 2018. The series was renewed for the second season in July 2018. However, Altered Carbon season 2 with eight episodes launched in February 2020. Netflix has not announced any renewal yet.

Thus, the third season may be expected to arrive in late 2021 or early 2022. Fans have to wait a little more, as for the trailer.

Fans gave a good and positive reviews and critical response to the series. Therefor, Season 3 is bound to happen. Richard, the writer has also hinted that the show has a potential of five seasons.

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