Altered carbon season 3- were DHF of Kavocs stored by Poe? Will Poe come back?

Altered carbon season 3 – Season 2 of Altered Carbon showed up in February 2020 and stuffed some major punches – finishing with two sensational showdown that left fans reeling and thinking about how much harm had truly be done to a some of the show’s main characters.


With the hectic ending of the show, and the questions it leaves us for the fate of the show are enormous so – here’s all we know up until this point…


When is Altered Carbon season 3 coming out? 

The second season showed up on Netflix precisely two years after Altered Carbon debuted.

In view of that, it’s possible that a third season probably won’t land before February 2022, giving the streaming service is quick in requesting more episodes – and that is without considering any potential creation disturbance brought in by the pandemic.

Altered carbon season 3

Altered Carbon Season 3 Story Plot 

*MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Altered Carbon season 2. 

We can expect Takeshi to be wearing another face when he returns in Altered Carbon season 3, as his elite combat sleeve was burned by Angelfire when he actually sacrificed his own life to murder the Elder occupying his sleeve. Firstly, it appeared that Takeshi is gone for good, with Takeshi Kovacs Prime (a clone of Takeshi’s unique birth sleeve possessed by a duplicate of his mind from before he initially met Quell) ready to take over as the show’s hero. In any case, in the last scene of season 2 Poe returns after getting shut down and finds that he has a raw human DHF hide inside his memory. Poe and Dig examine it, and Dig announces that they should “get  the good whisky ready” – affirming that the DHF is Takeshi.

Poe was there at the final battle with the Elder-possessed Carrera, yet was shut down forcibly in no time before Takeshi’s sacrifice. Thelast thing he does before breaking down is write a sticky note with a decoding key for Takeshi’s DHF on it, however it’s unclear when precisely the DHF was actually saved to Poe’s memory. We’ll need to hang tight for Altered Carbon season 3 to discover how much this Takeshi recalls, and to perceive what body he will be spun up into after.

Aletered Carbon season 1 was about Takeshi explaining a secret so as to win his opportunity, and in season 2 he utilises that opportunity to find Quell. With Quell headed out to Harlan’s World, to try to reignite the Uprising somewhere else, Takeshi might decide to follow her, or remain in Harlan’s World and work along with Takeshi Prime. Also, there may be another huge time jump (Altered Carbon season 2 gets thirty years after the season 1 finale), in which Takeshi could be just about anyplace when we see him next.


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