Amazon Lord of the Rings show: First Look is here

Amazon Lord

Yes, you have heard that right. Amazon Lord of the Rings first look is here. And that is not the end of the good news, we also have a release date. No movie franchise has ever been bigger. People have been waiting for this news for a while now. But, no information was coming in. It seems that Amazon has dropped a bomb and people cannot be more excited.


The Lord of the Rings series has been adapted from the book by JRR Tolkien. It also ended up becoming one of the biggest movie franchises of all time. It also gave birth to the Hobbit which was another great movie series. So, we all know about the greatness of this work. So, let us try to find out the release date and what is the first look of the show.


Amazon Lord of the Rings: When is it coming out?

Okay, let us start with the release date of the show because we know that everyone is dying to hear that. The show will be releasing on 2nd September, 2022. Yes, we know that there is considerable amount of time before it is revealed. But, look at it this way, it is releasing on the 85th anniversary (nearly) of when the original book came out. So, this is a watershed moment for the television history.

The shooting for the first season of the show has been wrapped up. This has been officially revealed by the producers and the creators. Moreover, they have said that the show also has been renewed for the upcoming season.

You can see the first picture from the series in our cover above. Now, you may be wondering who is the character depicted in this shot. Well, Amazon has not commented on it. So, we do not know.