American Gods Season 3: Cast, Plot, Release And Everything Else A Fan Needs To Know!

American Gods: It is based on books of the same name by Neil Gaiman, is centred around a man called Shadow Moon- whose wife just died. He then takes a job of a bodyguard under a really weird person called Mr. Wednesday, who shows him that magic exists and the new Gods of this world are Technology and Media. Scary, right? Well, this unusual tale is returning with a third season.


What should be expected out of the third season?


The third installment of the show will supposedly revolve around Shadow Moon migrating to Lakeside with the name Wisconsin to hide from the Gods. The first episode is called “A Winter’s Tale”, while the finale episode is called “The Lake Effect”. Some modifications have been made to the storyline and the release of the official trailer got cancelled due to the pandemic, so there is no way for anybody to predict what exactly will go down in the dramatic plot of the series.

Who does the cast comprise of?

Ricky Whittle will reprise the role of Shadow Moon, while Emily Browning will play the role of Laura Moon and Crispin Glover will play that of Mr. World. Ian McShane will be continuing as Mr. Wednesday as well. Pablo Schreiber will return as Mad Sweeney, too. However, Orlando Jones recently revealed in a shocking revelation that he was fired from the role of Mr Nancy and no announcements have been made yet in relation to the appearance of new faces in the latest instalment.

When will Season 3 of American Gods’ release and where?

The fantasy show from Starz (a television network) is set to debut on Amazon Prime this year. However, the release date has not been confirmed yet. But the fans need not worry- the release of American Gods’ third season will not get delayed to 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic, as the show’s team finished shooting back in March itself. Yay for the fans!

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