American Gods Season 3 Expected Release Date And Other Latest Information

American Gods Season 3 is airing soon, with the series shifting to Lakeside and focusing on Shadow’s divinity.


American Gods Season 3 – Release Date

Season three airs on Starz January 10, 2021.


Based on the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name, American Gods stars Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Pablo Schreiber, Crispin Glover, Bruce Langley, Yetide Badaki, Ian McShane, Kahyun Kim, Demore Barnes and Chris Obi. Season three will premiere on Jan. 10, 2021.

American Gods Season 3’S Trailers

The first official trailer for Season three brought to New York Comic Con 2020, on October 9. It begins with a younger infant — presumably Shadow — fleeing from a mystical bison, with a voice over pronouncing, “Shadow Moon, you have to select which way your destiny unfolds.” This sets the level for the season, which will explore Shadow’s new identification as a demigod.

American Gods Season 3

The 2d trailer dropped December three, 2020, and it’s far a bit longer than the primary one. While this trailer also focuses on Shadow’s future, it spends a chunk more time on Lakeside, a key city inside the novel. It additionally goes back to the important struggle about the Old Gods vs. The New Gods, showcasing what seems to be battles from centuries ago and several contemporary characters wielding weapons, performing out violently or making their stance at the warfare clear.

American Gods’ Story So Far

Similar to the book, the show follows Shadow as he enables Mr. Wednesday recruit Old Gods for the battle in opposition to the New Gods. Season 1 also shows Shadow’s resurrected wife, Laura Moon, who is attempting to get returned to her husband after her affair is made public in mild of her dying. Meanwhile, the New Gods are seeking to further their lead towards the Old Gods with the aid of luring a handful of them to their aspect.

Season 2 picks up after Mr. Wednesday ultimately comes clean to Shadow about being Odin. As the episodes progress, audiences see Wednesday and his allies are at a drawback, with Shadow, Wednesday and Salim ultimately being accused of being terrorists through New Media. Laura also keeps to try to do right through Shadow, with Mad Sweeney regularly at her facet, however Sweeney dies after trying to kill Wednesday. When Laura learns about this, she swears vengeance. Meanwhile, with cops surrounding the funeral home the main characters are at, Shadow tries to escape, however now not earlier than mastering that Wednesday is his father. Most of the characters part ways inside the finale, with Shadow heading north underneath a new identification.


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