American Pie: Girl’s Rules A New Trailer For The American Pie Franchise Is Here ! What We Know So Far.

American Pie: Girl’s Rules: The American Pie franchise has already released a series of eight films, but it has been almost a decade since the last new entry was released in 2012. Fans will be excited to know that a new film is on its way with an official trailer released this Thursday. Named as ‘American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules’, the movie has been picked up by the streaming giant Netflix. Here’s everything you need to know about the movie.


When will American Pie Presents: Girl’s Rule release?


American Pie: Girl’s Rule will be released both in physical and digital formats. As the trailer was just launched yesterday, it was also announced that the movie will be first released on disc and for digital rental or purchase on 8 October. However, Netflix will shortly follow up after the release on DVDs.

American Pie: Girl’s Rules

What was the trailer of American Pie Presents: Girl’s Rule about?

While ‘American Pie Presents – Girl’s Rule’ isn’t exactly the fifth entry of the film series, this is the first movie of the franchise in nearly a decade. The trailer reveals a group of Senior High School girls who makes a pact to repair the issues they are having with their love lives, leading to a series of wild adventures. So much focus has been placed on the casting of the movie as American Pie is usually centered around the guys, this time making it about the women. So this could be the start of a whole new other franchise. Although, the plot feels considerably in line with the first American Pie, and there are even some not-so-subtle references to the raunchy teen comedy.

Who are the cast of American Pie Presents: Girl’s Rule?

The entire group of 4 goals will be debuting in this new film as Madison Pettis plays Annie, Piper Curda plays Kayla, Natasha Behnam plays Michelle and Lizzie Broadway plays Stephanie.
The cast will also have Darren Barnet as Grant, Zachary Gordon as Emmet, and Ed Quinn as Kevin.

What is the plot of American Pie Presents: Girl’s Rule?

As the title suggests, ‘American Pie Presents – Girl’s Rule’ has taken a female-centric approach to the franchise this time, but you can still expect all the usual wild parties, sexy adventures, and nudity that this series has been known for. As usual, the film will be set in East Great Falls, and once again will be following the storyline of a group of high school students who gets into all sorts of hijinks, like the previous films of the series.

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