An Easy Girl : How Good Is This Latest French Film On Netflix?

‘An Easy Girl’ is a French comedy film, released in France in August 2019. It is directed by Rebecca Zlotowski. The film was screened at Cannes Film Festival 2019 and won the SACD Award for Best French Language film. It is produced by Frédéric Juve.


’An Easy Girl’ director Rebecca Zlotowski summons societal biases about immorality and female empowerment portrait. The film didn’t perform well at the box office but certainly gained a positive response from the critics.


The film is set in Summertime on the French Riviera. The film presents, the life of a 16-year-old girl Naima, who is influenced by her 22-year-old cousin Sofia, her extravagant lifestyle, and promiscuity. She is drawn into her cousin’s personality as Sofia uses her skilled feminine wiles. Sofia and Naima get very close to each other as they hang out all day at beaches and at night in nightclubs. Sofia teaches Naima how to apply to make up and carry those see-through short dresses confidently.
The story moves forward as they meet two older rich men, Andres and Philippe. Andres invites Sofia and Naima to his private yacht for dinner. Naima observes, Sofia’s influence over men and sees her as a confident woman, who’s proud of her sex appeal. The movie also shows the disparity between the so-called Sophisticated High Class and the Middle Class.


‘An Easy Girl’ is presented from Naima’s perspective and depicts how she tries to fit in the ideal rich class, admiring her cousin Sofia. The film challenges the norms of society for how a female should behave and question one’s morality. It also depicts Sofia’s character as a self-empowered woman, living her life on her own terms, being unapologetic about her desirability and promiscuity.

Cast Of ‘An Easy Girl’

Zahia Dehar as Sofia

• Mina Farid as Naima

• Benoit Megimel as Philippe

• Nuno Lopes as Andres

• Lakhdar Dridi as Dodo


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