Angry Little Girls: The Gamechanger adaptation

Angry Little Girls

Angry Little Girls is one of the most famous comic strips of all time. It seems that Gamechanger is about to adapt it for TV and film. Since this is one of the most beloved webcomic series of all time, it is high time we talk about it.


So, in this article, we will talk about the new adaptation which is on the cards. So, they have partnered with 27 year old Lela Lee, who is going is the creator of the strip. It is revealed that the comic will be converted into a film and TV series. Hence, this is the perfect time to talk about what this comic strip is all about.


Angry Little Girls: What is the Plot?

Now, we have to tell you that is not the first time an adaptation is being made. Another adaptation was also made in 2015 which had 12 episodes and aired on Mnet. The story follows a 6 year old who tries to fight the injustices against gender stereotyping, race using her own unapologetic rage and tries to battle exploitation.

This new project will also contain the other characters from the strip itself. These include Deborah, Maria, Wanda, Xyla, Pat, and Bruce and of course Kim as the protagonist.

Angry Little Girls: What the people had to say?

We have to tell you what the creator had to say when she was offered the chance to adapt. “What started as a creative catharsis from the pressures of my youth has blossomed into something I could have never imagined. Effie and the team at Gamechanger are the perfect partners to bring this series to television and movies because, like I do, they understand that every female around the globe is angry and has the right to speak her mind.”

So, we can see that this is going to be a good project.