Animal Kingdom Season 5: Will Ellen Barkin return as Smurf in Season 5?

Animal Kingdom Season 5: It is a ruthless crime show depicting the life of the Cody family― a family who spends their time in planning heists murders and whatnot.


The series is based on an Australian, Sundance Award-Winning movie of the same name which was in turn inspired by a real-life crime family- Pettingls.


The last season came with the shocking end of the Cody Clans’ matriarch Janine Cody aka Smurf played by Ellen Barkin.

However, it was reported that all the cast members including Ellen Barkin would reunite for a Season 5.

As the fans saw Smurf dead in the last seconds of the penultimate episode of Season 4; this news might come as a shock.

Although it was not revealed whether Ellen Barkin’s character would make a comeback or not; given the show’s history and tone, it is safe to assume that Smurf would be retuning in mere flashbacks and memories only.

It was not the first time that one of the Cody family members died on the show. In Season 1, fans witnessed the death of Catherine at the hands of the Pope, followed by the death of Baz in Season 3.

Animal Kingdom Season 5

With the release of Season 4 in 2019, the show has gained massive popularity and fans are eagerly waiting for Season 5.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release Date

Due to the delay in production caused worldwide by the spread of coronavirus, it is unlikely that the show would come back with Season 5 this year.

TNT is yet to announce the official date of release but it assumed that the season would launch in early 2021. But the good news is that the show has resumed its production for the next season. Season 5 is likely to consist of 13 episodes same as Season 2, 3, and 4.

Though fans would miss Smurf, it would be interesting to see the Codys running the business without her.


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