Anime Director Mamoru Oshii Will Be Playing Himself in Live-action Film Hanabata Mitai na Koi o Shita

Mamoru Oshii the sixty nine year year old anime director will join the cast of Hanabata Mitai na Koi o Shita which in English translates to we fell in the shell. It is an upcoming live action film. The director has been internationally claimed for his projects and has also worked in some documentaries in last years.


It was confirmed that he is going to appear for the first time in a fictional live action film. Earlier in the past, the director appeared in Rewind this which released seven years ago in 2013, and was produced by John Johnson.



The storyline of the live action anime film will revolve around a young couple Mugi Yamane who will be played by Masaki Suda and Kinu Hachiya who will be played by Kasumi Arimura. The couple fall in love very quickly, as soon as they see each other when they miss a train. This luck by chance meeting of the couple at Meidaimae Station on Keio Line in Tokyo changes their future.

Hanabata Mitai na Koi o Shita
Mamoru Oshii – Hanabata Mitai na Koi o Shita

It looks like they were meant to be together, as they share the same taste in music as well as in movies. The couple starts living together after they graduate from college. They also look for a job so that thy can meet their daily ends and maintain the position in the society.

The director, will play a role of himself and provide the two an opportunity to meet with each other so that they can connect with each other.


The film, Hanabata Mitai na Koi o Shita has been based on an original story screenplay which has been written by Yuji Sakamoto who is a TV drama scenario writer and has been acclaimed for all his works and films in the past.

This romantic film will surely be worth watching.


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