Another World: The Venice Film Festival title

Another World

Movies have always given us different perspectives on the various facets of life. It seems Another World is offering another perspective into our work lives. Most of the films tend to explore some sort of personal dilemma, problem or facet. But, there are not many movies on the planet which seek to explore the work life of an individual.


Brizé is an upcoming director who wants to explore the professional life of individual. Moreover, his filmography tends to explore this life. In all of his films such as The Measure of a Man, he tells us the story of a middle aged worked who loses his job and is forced to work as a security guard and spy on his fellow workers. Another movie of his would be At War (2018) which tells the story of factory strike. It seems that the director has not moved away from this exposition in his recent film.


Another World: Further exploration into the professional life

We see Vincent Lindon playing the character of Philippe. He portrays the character of a manager of an electrical goods plant. This plant is under the management of a large French company. But, it is seen that this French company is being taken over by a large American conglomerate.

Several years have passed after this call has been made. Thereafter, it is seen that the top management is looking to fire some people. This is despite the fact that the company has been generating profits steadily. Therefore, it puts him in a difficult position. This is because it is managers like him who have to decide who is not going to make the cut.

Therefore, the director tries to explore dynamics which rarely get explored in TV and cinema. We get to see emotions put in the context of professional lives and also the divide between workers and management.

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