Apex Legends: New Solo queue features to come soon

apex legends

There is a piece of good news for all the Apex Legends fans Who’ve been asking for solo mode. Respawn Entertainment is going to add a new option in the game. It will let you drop into the battle Royale on your lonesome. It arrived on March 9th with the game’s Caustic-themed Chaos Theory Collection Event. A new game mode that adds tiny pockets to Apex’s deadly ring inside the arena’s safe zone.




Players of Apex Legends have been asking for solos in Apex for yonks. Though, things are unsure about the new option is the same or not. Things can be different from the idea which was in their mind. The game is also going to add a “no-fill” matchmaking option. But when you queue for normal modes, you will be having the option to turn off matchmaking. This will through you into the game where you’re on your own against teams.

This wasn’t meant to be the main way to play this game. There will be only six solo players in any given game. You can’t go it alone in the game’s Ranked mode.

Developers suggested these scenarios as being ideal for the No-Fill queue:

  • The main focus should be to complete Daily and Weekly challenges.
  • Warm-up, drop shot and get into lots of fights.
  • Challenge yourself
  • Explore the maps and experience new characters.

The season 8 update for Apex Legends also includes a playlist named Ring Fury. In-Ring Fury, walls of death flare up all over the map. Players can ignore or avoid these rings of fire. They can also drop a hot shield to the tank and survive the flares. As events continue, the Ring Fury will become even more dangerous and common. Players have to keep an eye out while playing.

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However, the solo option acknowledges that many people don’t want teammates. Also, updates aren’t going to change the fundamental mechanics of the game.

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