April Love Geary and Robin Thicke are expecting their 3rd child as April Love Geary is pregnant.

Robin Thicke

April Love Geary and Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines singer Robin Alan Thicke and her fiance April Love Geary are going to become happy parents of their third child. American model, April Love Geary had made a joke in may that she wanted a big family and is in the thought of expanding their family and perhaps the couple has taken it in consideration, according to some sources, mainly the Magazine US Weekly, it’s now confirmed that the couple is expecting to welcome a child again in their life.


April Love Geary And Robin Alan Thicke’s Third Child: More Details

It will be April Love Geary’s third child whilst it will be the fourth for the grammy winner actor Robin Alan Thicke. Robin Alan Thicke had his 10 years old child with Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol fame American actress Paula Patton with whom he was married in the year 2005 and got divorced right in 2015 because of certain allegations of infidelity and drug use by Paula.


In the year 2014, he started dating April Love Geary with whom he had engaged on February 26, 2019 and also had welcomed two daughters together in which one was born on February 22, 2018, named  Mia Love Thicke, and the other was born on February 26, 2018, named Lola Alan Thicke.

April Love Geary

April Love Geary And Robin Alan Thicke’s Anniversary

The couple had recently spotted celebrating their anniversary for a long 6-year-old relationship in which, Geary was shown sharing a video to accolade her loving journey with the 43 years old singer calling him as the best partner, father, cook, and lover.
The news of pregnancy came just a month after the news of their home to be included in the wildfire of California came out.
Geary was slammed by her fans and his fiancee’s fans for being pregnant right before the marriage in return of which she has spoken that it’s the year 2018 and not the 1950s, where there are no such norms for having a baby only after marriage. Also in may, Robin Thicke was seen sharing stuff regarding his all their children, calling his eldest son Julian as an all-rounder and sarcastically denoting her daughter Lola as Godzilla who destroys things.

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