Are James Harden and Saweetie Dating? The Alleged Pair Sparks Rumours

James Harden is a very known personality. Fans are wondering whether him and Saweetie are dating. Why? Because it seems that the rapper star has found a new love interest. Previously it was rumoured that the rapper had been going out with Quavo. But it seems that that has come to an end.


She is 25 year old and has attracted a lot of attention. It seems that she has risen a lot in the industry. This has eventually culminated into a lot of media attention for the young superstar. So, let us find out who is this new person who the paparazzi is talking about.


Are James Harden and Saweetie Dating?

So, if you weren’t expecting it, neither of them have confirmed the rumours of them dating. This became a thing when a rather bizarre rumour was spread around. Saweetie has always been vocal about her liking extravagant gifts. And now, it seems Harden has been trying hard to get her attention.

But it does not mean that there is no reliable source of information. People have talked about the existence of Harden sending her $100,000 and asking her for a date via CashApp. Now, if this does not seem to cut it for you, read the next line. Rapper Offset recently liked a Tweet which mentioned Saweetie and Harden dating.

Saweetie Dated Quavo

Now, we are again making it clear that the rumours of them dating are not true. But, it is known that Quavo went a rather bad breakup with her in the past. Some CCTV footages were also recovered in which you can see the two having a physical altercation.

Quavo had also opened up about the existence and content of this video. He asked for some compassion from his many fans and hope for best during his difficult time.

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