Are Virginia and Erik Still Together, Where Are The Reality Star Now?

virginia and erik
Are Virginia and Erik Still Together: A reality television show in which the opponents will be glimpsing their life partner for the first time at the time of marriage. A committee of specialists selects their life partners.

virginia and erik

The show will then attend to how their relationship will go. The exhibit was first vented on July 8, 2014, on the channel FYI and later on Lifetime. The series is based on a Danish Gift Ved Første Blik that first aired on September 4, 2013, on channel DR3. The original Danish series format has existed sold to broadcasters throughout the world. Today, we will see Are Virginia and Erik are still together?

For those who don’t know, Virginia and Erik occurred for the first time in Season 12 of Married at First Sight. This show season took place in Atlanta and existed the first season to caption a divorced candidate.


The season began to premiere on January 13, 2021. So Are Virginia and Erik still together? It’s been less than a year since these couples were married. So was the ending of the experiment did any good for the couple? We will be looking at explanations for all of these questions.

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Are Virginia and Erik Still Together.

If you were one of the fans wishing to see Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs be together, then we have tragic news for you as Erik and Virginia are reportedly moving ahead in getting a divorce. The pair were married on August 31, 2020, and according to reports, they seem to be living apart since April, and various reports claim they have filed documents in court back in June.

Erik is nowadays 35 years old, and Virginia is 26 years old. Interestingly, both of them have not existed effective in their social outlet’s summaries, causing some fans to marvel whether they were still together. This could be because Virginia has shared an update through her Instagram story quickly after the season fastened. Since if they were a happy couple, they should have small posted something.

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