Are you a Deadpool Fan who always wanted a decapitated head of the character? Now, You can purchase it, Here’s everything you need to know

Has the decapitated head of Deadpool out for purchase?
Yes, now the Deadpool fans can buy the decapitated head of Deadpool it is not only the decapitated head, but a talking decapitated head. Just like Teddy Ruxpin, it is also one of the decapitated toys. The news was revealed on June 16, 2020.
Both the Deadpool movies got immense popularity creating a separate fan base that has been rated 8/10 on IMDb.


What are the features of decapitated Deadpool head?


After the purchase of this spectacular piece, one can download over 600 phrases and sounds available in English. Apart from the sounds jokes are also accessible and even one can prank on their friends and mates. One of the main and most amazing features of Hasbro Pulse’s Deadpool head is that it can rotate and move the head just like we can move our head. Due to the presence of sensors and motors, these activities can be done by the head.

Surprisingly the voice used in Deadpool’s head is not of Ryan Reynold which is shocking and also as marked by Deadpool candor “This is not for kids, sweetie.” the toy is not for kids. For sure, it is an 18+ toy so children must stay away from it.

How much will Deadpool’s head go to the cost and from we can purchase it?

The decapitated head of Deadpool will be out in the markets in August which will cost around £99.99 and $124.06. This decapitated head will be unique and one can pre-order it and as per Hasbro’s official website, the pre-ordered Deadpool head will be shipped on September 1.
As the toy or what we can say decapitated Deadpool’s head has been made maybe in the coming future some of the other Marvel heroes’ toys will be available too. Though we can expect changes in those toys and they also will going to be really cool.


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