Ares Season 2 – When Will It Return On Netflix? Check Out The Latest Updates Here!!

Ares Season 2: Ares is a Dutch drama series of the genre horror/supernatural, created by Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten, and Sander van Meurs. The first season premiered on January 17, 2020, on Netflix and it proved to be a success.


The ending of season one showed a shocking turn of events that could be the end of the story or a perfect cliffhanger for season two.


So here’s what we know so far about Ares Season 2, including the release date, cast, plot, and the latest updates.

Ares Season 2 – When will it premiere?

The first season hit Netflix on January 17, 2020, with a total of eight episodes. However, so far there’s been no announcement made for Ares Season 2.

Netflix usually considers the viewing numbers of a particular series before renewing it for further seasons. So if the viewership ratings of Ares is high enough, we can expect to hear from the creators soon. We can expect it to land in 2021, however, this is just speculation until an official statement is revealed.

Ares Season 2

Ares Season 2 – Who all will be cast in this season?

Ares season one featured Jade Olieberg as Rosa, Lisa Smith as Carmen Zwanenburg, Tobias Kersloot as Jacob Wessels, Freida Barnhard as Fleur Booms, and Robin Boissevain. So far since the series has not been renewed, so the cast list hasn’t been announced for season two.

Ares Season 2 – What will be the potential storyline?

Ares revolved around the story of Rosa Steenwijk, a student who gets to be a part of a secret society in Holland. However, she quickly got to know that there is a supernatural element involved in the secret society. Throughout the eight-episode series, we saw violence, drama, and mystery that ended with a shocking ending.

By the end of season one, it was revealed that the secret society Ares was created to keep contained a supernatural force called Beal. We also got to know that Beal is a tar-like substance. It is a physical manifestation of all the guilt that Ares members had expelled for centuries.

As for the story details, there have been no official details about it yet. However, we can see Rosa’s powers to be explored further.

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