Arrow Season 8 arrives on Netflix this October 2020, Know more!

Arrow Season 8: A piece of good news for the Arrow fandom is coming your way as the eight and the finale season of the most popular web series the Arrow is all set to air on the giant streaming platform, Netflix. Arrow is a hero based show that is widely loved because of its relatability to one of the DC Comics’ characters, Green Arrow. The storyline of the show is very intriguing helped to make the fans and the viewers remain connected to the series all along its whole eight seasons. The first season released on October 10, 2012. Following the seven previous seasons, the eighth edition was renewed and greenlit on October 15, 2019, on CW. Well, now is the time when the series is getting ready to stream on Netflix.


Arrow Season 8 arrives on Netflix this October 2020

The seasons of the series since its debut are released on CW as per their scheduled release dates. However, the biggest streaming program, Netflix is ready to air the eighth season of this hit-show in its streaming library. The announced date for the eighth installment to be made available on the platform is October 16, 2020. Not much time is left for the much-awaited premiere as fans are eagerly waiting for the nail-biting experience of watching the thriller show on the screen of their homes. Until then the previous seven seasons of the Arrow can be streamed on Netflix presently.


Arrow Season 8

About the show

The story of the web series centers around Oliver Queen who has spent five long years on an island named, Lian Yu. He then returns to the city and gets determined to fight against the crime and mischievousness as a hidden secret vigilant with the only weapon of a bow and an arrow. The story has all the characters of the arrowverse television series exclusively of CW.

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