Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 -What Was The Deal Tae Made With Asa Sakan?

Arthdal Chronicles is a South Korean television series written by Kim Young- Hun and Park Sang- Yeon and directed by Kim Won-Seok. The series was first aired on June 1, 2019, on tvN and broadcasted internationally on Netflix. After receiving much love and appreciation from the viewers worldwide and been rated 8.1/10 at IMDb, Kim Won Seok has decided to come up with season 2 of Arthdal Chronicles.


Is there any confirmation from Netflix or tvN regarding the releasing date of season 2?


The coronavirus outbreak has changed many things and has shut down the production and shooting of films and series too. As season one ended with a mystery it left viewers in great dilemma and curious for the next season. According to the writers, Kim Young- Hun and Park Sang- Yeon will release somewhere in late 2021 or early 2022? As such, there is no official release date announced but Arthdal Chronicles will be renewed for season 2 as creators gave a report in September 2019 that Arthdal Chronicles will have season 2. The Korean channel tvN also hinted that viewers can expect a few more seasons to be released. So overall, luckily we will be able to watch another season of Arthdal Chronicles.

Arthdal Chronicles

Who all are we going to see in Season 2 of Arthdal Chronicles?

Almost all the characters in the previous season will reprise their role in the upcoming season. List of all the main characters is given below:
Kim Ji-won as Tan-ya
•Song Joong-ki as Eunseom and Saya
•Jisoo as Saenarae
•Jang Dong-gun as Ta-gon
•Kim Ok-bin as Tae Al-ha
•Hae-jun Park as Moo-baek

What can we expect to see in the upcoming season of Arthdal Chronicles?

The storyline revolves around the mythical land of Arth and the finding of the new community in the city of Arthdal. The story deals with love, harmony, battles, and much more. Season 2 will continue from the same page as it was left in the previous season. So, in the forthcoming season, we can expect a change in the story’s plot and more adventure in the life of Tae- Gon. Several new facts and information will be given in the next season which might prove to be confusing for viewers and might leave them awestruck.


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