Ashley Taylor Dawson says -Darren’s depression is the most important story I’ve done in Hollyoaks

Darren’s depression is the most important story I’ve done in Hollyoaks-Dawson

Hollyoaks fans were left emotional when Darren’s secret battle with depression was finally addressed by Ashley Taylor Dawson.

For weeks, Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) has been living with depression.
Inspired by his character’s journey.


Dawson has used his time in lockdown to engage with the fans online about the importance of highlighting mental health. “Making an impact with this story is incredible but it doesn’t end there. On a personal note it has opened up my life, and I’m a bit of a contradiction of the story I’ve been telling.”


Speaking about the importance of a storyline, Ashely Taylor Dawson said- “It’s such a huge story to tell, and it’s sadly so common. The biggest message we are trying to get out there is for people to talk, and listen. However, sometimes, talking can be damaging, because you’re talking to the wrong person. If you talk to a professional, it’s confidential.”

What storylines tell about ?-Dawson

This storyline makes me proud of what we do. It’s been very strong and definitely the best and most important work I’ve ever done on Hollyoaks. He said that-“I’ve lost quite a few friends to suicide over the years. I don’t think any of us understand it enough”.

He added: “We all look inward when we’ve got problems. And being in lockdown has really taught us, myself included, about anxiety. It’s a natural thing. We don’t give ourselves credit for what we go through in everyday life but we need awareness of how people are feeling. Everybody needs to be more sensitive, especially now with what’s happening in the world.

We can relate to this story more than ever  Dawson and the response from the audience has been overwhelming. To get strong feedback and hear people open up is incredible.I want to help people hopefully  with the issue and see themselves in it, not matter how little or large. If we can do that then the message has been a success.”

That is what the story is trying to say: just listen that alone will help someone who is struggling find some sort of comfort and maybe send them on a journey to recovery or even just a happier place.

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