Attack on Titan season 4- what is exciting for fans in the new season? Tap to know release date, cast, plot and more!

Are you waiting for Attack on Titan season 4? Here is everything we know about season 4. 


About Attack on Titan:

Attack on Titan is a Japanese Anime series with a total of 3 seasons till date. The first season was released in 2013. All the seasons were loved by the audience. The first episode was released on 6th April 2013 and the final was released on 29th September 2013. It was released on Networks which are NHK General TV, Mainichi Broadcasting System.


Attack on Titan season 4: Is it happening??

The Season 4 is confirmed to be the final season of the series. It was announced by the officials that season 4 is happening but it will be the final season. So fans are waiting for it eagerly but at the same time, they are sad because it is going to be the last season.

Expected Release Date of Attack On Titan Season 4:

After the season 3 of Attack On Titan, Season 4 was confirmed to be released in 2020. It seems that season 4 will be composed to have 10-12 episodes. 

The cast of  Plot of season 4:

The cast of the previous seasons is expected to be back in the new season too. 

The expected Storyline, Plot of season 4:

The story of the Attack on Titan follows A man-eating Titans which first appeared 100 years ago and humans thought they are safe now but now they are threatened when a colossal Titan smashes through the barriers causing a flood of the Giants onto the humans safe zone.

Also, the season 4 being the final season everything doubts and questions which are unanswered will be solved in season 4. It will be really amazing to see how they end the story.

season 4 will be aired on the NHK General TV network. Stay tuned to know more about this topic. 

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