Atypical Season 4- Is it delayed due to coronavirus? Is the production at halt?Tap to know release, cast, plot and more!

Atypical Season 4: It is a Netflix original coming of age comedy and it follows the life of an autistic teenager. The first season which was released on 11th September 2017 was criticised for the inaccuracies in the portrayal of autism and lack of autistic actors but season 2 and season 3 were very well received.


Delay due to Coronavirus and expected release date:

Netflix announced in February this year that they are renewing the show for the fourth and final season and it will have 10 episodes. The show was expected to be released in the first half of 2021 but now the viewers will have to wait even more because the production has been shut down in both the US and Canada because of the pandemic. The production will resume once things open up but we don’t when that will be. Thus, it is almost certain that the fourth season would not be released anytime before late 2021.



The plot of Atypical Season 4:

The story revolves around Sam Gardner, an 18 year old boy on the autism spectrum as he searches for love. His journey is both funny and emotional and has made Atypical one of the most loved Netflix original comedies. In the third season, Sam and Zahid made up and it is expected that they will move in together in the fourth season. As this is the last season we expect that many questions which were left unanswered will be answered in this season such as Doug and Elsa’s relationship and what happens with Case, her career and her relationship with Izzie.

The expected cast of Atypical Season 4:

The cast members will likely reprise their roles. And there has been no update about the addition of any new members to the cast.

Keir Gilchrist as Sam Gardner
Jennifer Jaosn Leigh as Elsa Gardner
Brigette Paine as Casey Gardner
Amy Okuda as Julia Sasaki
Michael Rapaport as Doug Gardner

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