Australian researchers are looking into the possibility of a Coronavirus remedy

Australian researchers: The world is still in the threat of the Covid-19, Till now 22.5 million people are affected with this deadly life taking virus, The only question which everyone has is when will an effective vaccine be ready, for which several researchers of different counties are trying hard but no big relief has been seen till yet, Still they are doing their best to create several preventive measures, One of which is about Australian researchers who are working on developing a new vaccine from a fruit enzyme.


BromAc Tested To Be Served As A Coronavirus Remedy

Australian researchers are now using a cancer drug named as BromAc in a repurposed way to get Coronavirus remedy, the drug which usually aids in the treatment of cancer is now used as a Coronavirus vaccine whose credits goes are all in the hands of   Dr. Morris, who is a cancer specialist in St. George Hospital in Sydney and his team doctors.


Coronavirus remedy

The drug is in use from 11 years for treating cancer suffering patients, It is made from two important elements in which the first is pineapple stem Enzyme. At first, the drug was used on pigs which helped them in getting relief from Gastro related conditions. With several research it was found that it can be treated for aiding the Coronavirus patients

Is The Drug A Full Fledge Vaccine?

Sadly, the drug isn’t a vaccine but a prevention measure for first stage COVID infected persons. It helps in stopping the virus to spread from one person to another, also in the first stage of infection, it helps in decreasing the concentration of Covid-19 and helping to stop being spread all over the other cells. This drug will be in the form of nasal spray, which will intercept the lung infection. Soon the trail will take place in the Melbourne city of Australia starting probably next month.

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