Avatar 2: James Cameron Shares Some Never Seen Moments!


We all know about the most famous director- James Cameron who directed hit movie Avatar. Now, it’s sequel is going to come soon. James Cameron shares some of the never seen moments of the film to fans.


What magic created Avatar in fans??

The Avatar film created a magic among the audience that’s remains unchanged. We had that film a long ago in theatres. In the sequel to Avatar, the magical bluish creatures of Pandora undoubtedly won the hearts of fans. His forthcoming return to the world of Pandora shot underwater. Hopefully, the Avatar 2 is soon arriving and fans are desperately excited about it.


The Avatar director, Cameron has revealed sequels will be set apart. It just took a year and a half to just figure out it. They have used underwater motion and capture technology which was something different. He claims – “never been done before.”

What all you going to experience in this sequel??

Avatar’s official twitter han Recently, four art pics posted on Avatar’s official Twitter. With caption – “In the #Avatar sequels, you won’t just return to Pandora- You’ll experience new parts of the world.”


James Cameron also talked about the problems during the shoot in the underwater part. The problem occurs when the interface between the air and the water forms a moving mirror. It reflects all the dot and markers and creates a bunch of false markers.

In last year, he shared some stills and videos from the film’s set on the social media. He confirmed that they are not doing any of this on scuba. And their work is paying off The hardwork. With lots of hardwork, they got really good shots. All beautiful character motion and great facial performance captured.

Cameron already had planned further for two sequels. In fact, it’s revealed that Winslet pull of her new role and went to extreme length. For amaze seven minutes, she learnt to hold her breath underwater.

Cameron is no more stranger to water as he directed The Abyss and Titanic. These sequels could have been his most challenging shoot yet.


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