Axone, Everything you need to know about the Netflix movie Axone

General Trivia:

The movie axone is a tale of few friends trying to make the wedding of one of their friends special. This might sound like a very ordinary film but it has more to it than just being a movie about friendship.


About the movie:

Axone is a movie of a bunch of friends from Northeast India who live in Delhi. We get to see only one day it their lives. But Nicholas Kharkongor (director) very subtly locates racism and struggles of Northeast Indians go through on a daily basis in this otherwise lighthearted film.
This movie is not just about a bunch of teenagers experiencing casual acts of racism but how those small acts of discrimination can live with them for ages.


The good part of the movie is that Nicholas has not tried too hard yo make this an anti-racist movie. Rather he just tried to focus on the individual experiences of the characters with which almost everyone could relate themselves.

Nicholas also tries to talk about mental health issues such as PTSD and anxiety attacks through his film which is otherwise not much talked about. Maybe the reason behind this layer of the film is how one of the character still lives with the trauma of an act of violence he encountered just because of the fact that he was someone from the Northeast India and had golden hair.

The movie does justice to the issue it wanted to start a debate about. Maybe this is because of the fact that racial discrimination is not just prominent in The US.


Plot : Axone

The movie revolves around a bunch of friends from Northeast India staying in Delhi for various reasons. The story is about a special day of their lives where they try to cool a traditional dish of Nagaland called Axone(pronounced as Akhuni).
They take this challenging task even when they that their neighbours and landlords don’t like the smell of Axone and it is not allowed.

We get to see all the hardships they have to go through in form of racial comments and judgements, just for being from a particular region of their own country, from their neighbours and landlords. For instance, a landlord comments, “pata bhi nahi chalta kaun aaya hai, sab ek jaise hi dikhte ho!”.

What’s so special about the movie?:

The movie in a very satirical way demonstrates the ethnic racism and how casually we do it to people, without even knowing how wrong it is, both politically and ethically.

Northeast has always suffered a lack of representation in our country and hindi film industry or bollywood to be precise is also one of those spaces. Axone might not be the able to compensate the lack of representation but it surely is a start and that too a fundamental one. It shows that representation does not only being in-front of the camera but also being behind the camera.

Axone unfolds many ancient traditional practices thorough the journey. Be it the authentic way to make Axone or the various distinguished tradition of marriage practiced by a particular tribe it, does a very good job.

The movie is streaming on Netflix. For the cast we get the pleasure to watch Sayani Gupta. We have Vinay Pathak of the occasional pinch of comedy. We have Lin Laishram, Tenzin Dalha, etc.


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