Bad boys 4: release date, cast and plot

Bad boys 4

Bad boys 4: When bad boys hit the theaters it broke records. The first Bad boys was published in 1995, its sequel premiered in 2003. Sony pictures already disclosed about its fourth installment and announced plans for the same.


When Bad boys 4 is officially happening?

Sony pictures confirmed bad boys 4 when Bad boys for life released in theaters. After the grand box office showing of bad boys for life, there is no reason why Sony wouldn’t want to come up with Bad boys4 into production as soon as possible.


It does not have an official release date yet, but as noted and said, Sony ensures that Bad boys 4 hits the theatres before 2022.


Cast of Bad boys 4

Obviously, Smith and Lawrence are going to return

For the next installment. Rest of the cast possesses a bit of uncertainty. Paola Nunez will return as Rita, the boy’s fellow officer. In Bad boys for life she was promoted to the rank of captain, Lowrey and Burnett are going to have somebody to hit their asses, since their previous boss Caption Howard was assassinated between the events of the film.

Armando might also have a role to play in the fourth film.

Plot of Bad boys 4

Bad boys 3 ends with revealing that Armando Armas is Mike Lowrey’s son. Earlier Mike worked undercover in Mexico and had a romantic relationship with Isabel Aretas. Isabel dies and Mike reveals the truth to Armando. The ending of this teases a possible plot for Bad boys 4.

The new movie would involve Armando working with AMMO force, it is also possible that Smith and Lawrence reprise their roles.

We might see Lowrey and Burnett dealing with some doubtful and shady organization, probably the one with which Armando has certain familiarity.

Bad boys for life co-writer Chris Bremner is already on tap to write the fourth installment .

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