Baking It: Andy Samberg & Maya Rudolph hosts

Baking It

Baking It will be the new cooking show on your watchlist. This is because Andy Samberg and Maya Rudolph are about to become the hosts. If you do not know, Andy Samberg is from the amazing series Brooklyn Nine Nine and Maya is from Saturday Night Live. So, in this article, we are going to talk about this new show.


Maybe you remember the show Making It. This was the show by Amy Poehler which was a show where you could craft. This new show has been inspired from Making It. Hence, the play on the title. This will be six week holiday baking show and people are rightly excited for it. Now, that we have told you the introduction about the show, let us get down to what the show is actually about.


Baking It: What is the show about?

The show will contain 8 teams. This will contain teams of couples, friends and siblings. They will be joining the winter cabin of Maya and Andy to celebrate the traditional holiday feasts. So, the contestants will be duos who will be participating in the game.

They will be required to take on themed challenges and will be competing against each other to make the perfect baking dish. All of them are competing to win the cash prizes which are offered. Of course, the hosts are amazing in this show and will also be providing with the comedic commentary. But they are not the judges of the show. No, the job of judges has been given to four grandmothers.

These judges will be tasting each and every dish and determining the winners. And they are fantastic bakers themselves so expect scrutiny.

The show is being produced by Universal Television Alternative Studio. The EPs of the show are Amy Poehler, Nicolle Yaron, Pip Wells, Kate Arend and Dave Becky. Hence, be sure to tune into the show.