Balestra: A new psychological thriller featuring Tessa Thompson and Marwan Kenzari

Plot summary:

Based on an original story from Aron Eli Coleiti, Balestra is written by Imran Zaidi. This movie will focus on a timid competitive Fencer player Joanna Bathary. She has a history of professional disgrace. She is on the end journey of her sports career but she is too desperate to make her Olympic comeback.


In order to achieve her goal she is pressurized by her husband and coach. She is pushed by them to use a prototype device, which is a technological experiment. This allows her to train herself even in her dreams, which means her training is extended to her dreams now. But this comes with a side effect. She starts having lucid dreams.


When this process starts, the line between reality and dreams starts to fade away. She doesn’t have control of what is real anymore. Her dreams start to fuse with her real world which turns out to be threatening.


About the movie: Balestra

This movie is a psychological thriller. It would be exciting to watch what new this movie has to offer to us because we have had movies already which have similar theme of dreams intertwined with reality.

The director of this film is the young and promising director Nicole Dorsey who is known for her debut movie Black Conflux. She has made many short films before it.

The screenplay is written by Imran Zaidi based on an original story by Aron Eli Coleite. Aron also happens to an executive-producer of the film.
Now it’s time to talk about the showstopper of this film, Tessa Thompson. Tessa will be seen as the female lead. It would be startling to watch Tessa in yet another Sci-fi thriller film. She was loved for her role in Thor, Men in Black, etc.

But her association to the film is just not limited to being an actor. She will also be an executive producer of the film.

We shall also have the pleasure to watch the Alladin fame Marwan Kenzari.

We still do not have a releasing date and maybe we are not expecting it anytime soon.


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