Beastars Season 2: All the details we have so far

Beastars Season 2: It is a Japanese Anime series written by Paru Itagaki which is not only popular in Japan but is famous globally. For all the fans of the Beastars series, here is good news. It is confirmed that the series will soon come up with its second season.


The distribution rights of the series are with Netflix.


Season 1 of Beastars was a success and the series has gained considerable viewership globally. Fans are now curious to watch its second season. So let see what all recent updates we have in store for you.

Release date of Beastars Season 2:

It is expected that season 2 of Beastars will be out somewhere in August 2020. Further, no official date is yet confirmed. Fans surely can’t afford to miss the second season of Beastars.

The arrival of the second season is confirmed by Studio Orange. It is expected that the series adopting 48-98 chapters will run at a slow pace.

Moreover, there are speculations that soon the manga series will come to an end. This might be sad news for the fans. There is no confirmation yet, so let’s enjoy the upcoming season to the widest.

The cast of Beastars season 2: Who all will be seen in the upcoming season?

We will get to see many characters from the previous season. Chikahiro Kobayashi will be seen as Legoshi, a wolf boy. Junya Enoki will play the role of Jack, a labrador and Yoshiyuki Shimozuma will play the role of Voss. Further, Sayaka  Senbongi will be seen as Haru, a rabbit. Louis will play the role of a deer whereas Tem will play the role of Alpaca.

The plot of Beasters season 2: What will be the story all about?

The first season portrayed the murder of Tem creating disorder among herbivores and carnivores. Also, In the first season, we saw that Legoshi confesses love for Haru and Haru has feelings for Louis. In the second season, we are expecting answers to questions like Who killed Tem and What happened to Louis?

So if the show will premiere in Japan in August 2020, we can expect the show to be streamed on Netflix at the end of this year.

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